Kawaning Thinking

I have been working for eight years and I experienced working in both private and public sectors. What really pushed me to write this one is the toxicity I feel at work. I don’t know if it is the system, the environment, nor the people I work with that caused the tiredness my mind feels. Allow me to share with you the things I have keenly observed so far…

1. Delaying Tactics

➡ I really don’t understand why old habits die hard. The “Mañana Habit” always gets in the way with work. They will put off tomorrow every little thing that can be done today. The worst part is that, for as long as the work is not urgent and for as long as there is tomorrow, the work to be done will always be put off. 🤨

2. Pass the Blame Game

➡ When something caught the attention of the upper management, particularly with the quality of work or customer satisfaction, the next thing you will hear will be the involvement of so many people, departments, sections, during the investigation. Everybody’s pointing their fingers to someone else. Passing the blame. Yeah! You read it right. Instead of looking for solutions, all they do is to find the rootcause and get stocked there. A sprinkle of a little reprimand but no progress. In short, there is always room for repetition of the same mistakes. 😒

3. Chill Now, Cram Later

➡ Aside from the “Mañana Habit”, I have noticed that majority of the offices I have visited have internet connection. It’s actually great as sending important emails needed will be a lot easier but the network is not being used solely for the purpose of work but for relaxation too. The next tabs you will see in someone’s desktop are all social media platforms and gaming sites. All the works will be set aside too. They know their priorities. Yeah! They play during office hours, they chat, they stream. And when they missed the deadline that’s the only time they will do overtime for work as they need to cram. Those overtime will be used for ‘time back’ – smart ass move right? Tell me where you want to sit in and I will bring you to the right office. 😂

4. “I Don’t Know/Have” Default

➡ And they also have a default answer like a robot. Whenever you ask something, without checking their files, their tables, drawers, etc., there will be workmates who have this default anwer, “I don’t know” or “I don’t have it yet/ I don’t have it with me” and they don’t bother knowing the answer to your query. You need to find it out yourself. So, in order for you to avoid stress, you will then avoid talking to or asking them too. Peaceful right? 😶

5. Last IN, First OUT

➡ I don’t know how most people live with no etiquette. Maybe they were born that way. For sometime now, some people I have worked with really don’t care whether they come to work very late and they always have their reasons. But, as days go by, I have noticed that same people habitually go to work late! Research says that being late is a sign that you are a more successful and creative employee – yeah! Successful in decreasing work hours and getting rightfully paid and creative in coming up with lots of excuses. However, these people who perpetually go to work late are often the same people you will see first in line in the bundy clock to sign out. The best part is that, even before the clock strikes to end the office hours, they are already in line – at least in signing out, they can be the early birds. 🙄

6. Gone with The Wind

➡ I am very much a supporter of the paperless system – to help preserve Mother Earth. However, in a system where everything magically disappears, I support the hardcopy system. Some of the offices I deal with usually lose letters, requests, memos, orders, etc., and they will always answer you with #4. Some will even accuse you of not really submitting to their offices when in fact they lost or misplaced the documents you have given them. Thanks to the receiving copy that you can whack to their faces when they are in state of denial, and allows them to realize that they made a mistake. In that case, you lessen the probability of you being investigated like in #2 and getting all the blame.

7. Backer System

➡ I am a product of this system. I got hired maybe because of someone I know in the company. I know I did great in submitting all necessary requirements and I am confident about my transcript, credentials, and experiences. However, I received no call for interview until such time that someone I know requested to the management to include me in their short list. I did great in the interview as what my co-interviewees told me and I know I got hired because I deserve it too. On the other hand, it is indeed true that most of the time, companies no longer look for what you know, instead, they go for who you know – probably you’re the daughter/son, or the niece/nephew, or someone related to someone who’s already IN the company without even looking at the background. This usually results to misalignment particularly with the positions in the company. Some who are known to the upper management will of course get a higher rank while those who are known to ordinary employees will be included in the rank and file. So better be acquainted to as many employed people as you can for it will be easier for you to get a job then. 😉

8. MegaLINK

➡ Here comes another form of “who you know”. Different offices have different protocols to follow when it comes to processes but you know when it comes to catering to clients and all, the first come first served rule is not really being strictly followed. As always, when you need something to be done, to be signed, to be processed, and your queue number is way to far from reality, you need to look for someone you know in that particular office so that whatever it is you’re asking for will be granted right away. Because of too much hospitality or the so called “utang na loob” of some, they tend to forget their manners. They think they are really ‘helping’ a friend or an acquaintance but in reality they are bumping off a lot of people in line waiting to be assisted too. 😏

9. Elastoseal

➡ Remember the times when your teacher informs your parents that you’re a little stubborn in school and you’re being reprimanded by your parents right away – well, that’s the opposite way here. Maybe because an office is being graded as a whole, the tendencies for the supervisors/ managers to cover up all skeletons in the office even if those secrets kept are already jeopardizing the quality of work produced. Most of them protect their subordinates in order to portray a very good image but seriously it doesn’t help the subordinates grow and develop because their superiors think that tolerating is tantamount to correcting – little do they know that the only similarity those words have is the ING in the end. 🙄

10. The Fossilized 1, 2, and 3

➡ You know how technology evolve and improve since its discovery? How I wish that The Fossilized #1 be like that. I don’t pertain to all but most of the people I work with, particularly the tenured ones, got stocked in the era they were born on. I don’t really have an issue with them still working even if they’re old and gray because they still can but working without even trying to learn something new and sticking with the traditional way can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I have workmates with ages ranging from 50-65 but are way more tech savvy than I do but there are really some who are the opposite. The funny thing is that, they are being invited to workshops and trainings so they can acquire new learnings and apply it to their work but most of them get mad and are even allergic to changes. It results then to slow progress of work, and it ripples to awful outputs.

In addition, the other kind is The Fossilized #2. These are the tenured employees who demand quality outputs from their subordinates without even giving quality inputs. What kind of output can someone expect if there has been no input given in the first place? Yep! NOTHING! These people must bear in mind that they cannot give what they don’t have. Likewise, they must not expect to receive what they have not given.

Lastly, The Fossilized #3 are those I call “the know-it-all” employees. These people think that the newbies in the company don’t have anything great to share. They think that they are the only ones with good ideas and that they know better than anyone else. Honestly, they don’t. Most of failed plans, unsuccessful implementations, unnecessary changes, and unsolicited opinions come from them – and their hobbies, guess what?? Yeah! It’s to belittle those who are younger than them in the company, those who are new in the system, and those who are in the rank and file with lower positions than them. The moment you show them that you can be a prey, they will unleash the predators inside them. 🙃

Some of you might say, “If you’re no longer happy with your work then leave.” FYI, I am very much happy with where [department] I work. Think of the solar system. I am happy on Earth, it is the other planets and the sun that make me feel sober. But being very much happy on Earth gives me the reason to hold on and stay.

Are any of the things I mentioned above familiar to you? Share your thoughts. Rant. Vent it all out. Ease the burder inside. You deserve it. 👊

I’ll rest my case for now. #

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Feelings Untold

Remember that day when we went out together?
To get you some curie and a nice “Transformers” movie.
Still as vivid that I can paint that picture to whoever.
You sent me home riding a taxi, locked in your arms, I’m happy.

I didn’t know how I love you, in the first place.
You’re not even half the man on my list.
I guess life has a way to surprise me, I’m still amazed!
For experiencing the love of a man I wouldn’t risk.

I can’t thank God enough for sending me a lover,
As wonderful as you are, I know I love even at first sight.
I thanked God heartily with only one last prayer,
That He makes you live a life that forever sees His light.

And soon, as always, my prayers were heard and answered.
My lover is now sharing with me the same faith, we understand the law.
Proof that my God listens and puts me never in a place so blurred.
So there we are standing face to face, with hearts renewed, still in awe.

Breakthroughs come to the life of the obedient,
Yet somewhere in between, we lost grip of the rope.
Now we feel unlove, as we forget the most vital ingredient.
I say we go back to Him, don’t want to slide on the steep slope.

I fear the pain of losing my gift from up above.
It’s a terror in my mind, creeping in, pulling me every night.
So I say a prayer once again, with genuine love,
That I may have the chance to win back my prized knight.

Now here I am, I stand and my heart cries out.
Please, I can’t afford to bear even the thought of it.
Oh, God! Bring back the man I can’t live without.
For the last seven years of my life, I can’t just quit.

You said you no longer love me, and it crushed my bones and spirit.
Can’t find the courage to pick myself up and continue my life.
For the love of my life, his heart no longer mine, it was a bad hit.
Feels like being cut through my core with a sharp knife.

Now I’m afraid like never before.
Can’t spread my wings to fly and soar high.
Like my whole being has left me, I swore.
It was such a dreadful feeling I couldn’t get by.

I have hurt you more than I could imagine, I know.
Words I said can never be brought back.
I can’t forgive myself for your wound which I did so.
I crushed your spirit more painful than a heart attack.

Now I can’t find the right words to make you feel better.
Though you said you forgave me, I couldn’t find the freedom.
Inside me still shouts, I’m sorry! Forgive me, Babe… Bold letter.
Didn’t think before speaking and my words were offending, I was so dumb.

Now every night, I’m in a place so dark.
Couldn’t move, couldn’t see even just thin light.
Your forgiveness is my light, show me at least a little spark.
Just one sweet smile after reading this and I’ll be alright.

Free me now from these thoughts I bear for the past few weeks.
My whole surrounding reads, there is no harmony I feel inside.
Though almost dying, my heart still slightly beats.
I beg you make me live, still longing to be your bride.

My dream is a wonderful family, with little baby twins,
With a nice home and garden where I can run and play with them,
Nice kitchen where I can cook food with lots of smiles and grins,
And a nice bedroom to sleep with my baby, my most treasured gem.

Still dreaming of growing gray hairs with you.
Still wanting to add more years in our seven years.
Still hoping that amidst all these, we will carry through.
Still the lady who will wake you up nibbling your ears.

“I love you” is meaningless to you right now,
“Im sorry” is not enough phrase, not even a perfect fit.
But I still say, I’m missing the days when I first met you somehow –
The happiest days I could always go back and say, “You’re all worth it!”

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Park! Park! Ganern!

So, since it’s very trendy to the millennials, we decided to visit the three most popular food “parks” in Marikina City. From Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, we took an FX going to our first stop, the Carnival Park, then from there, we walked about one kilometer to reach our second stop, the Truck Park. To the next, we walked another 700 meters to reach our last stop, the Crave Park. The next part would be our own and personal observations of these three trendy food hubs within Marikina. Btw, featured image not mine.

Our first stop was at the Carnival Park. To compare it with the other two parks, this one is the smallest. Although it has the fresher interior since it has just been built recently compared to the others. It has an open air setup so you won’t feel hot while dining. The stalls are established on the sides and the beverages stalls are in the center. In between the food and beverages stalls are tables and chairs where you can sit and dine. There is no entrance fee at all. You can visit them from 4pm-12mn. The decoration is awesome. It is  very childish is nature. The music playing is great. They also have bands who play every Thursday. We tried the Tender Loving Carne and Shrimpy of Brewskie (2nd food stall on the left upon entrance). They have restrooms that are functioning well but without finishing, we’ll give it a 7/10. It has a small parking space outside. Although most of the tables have their own umbrella, people might still get wet with heavy rain – that’s the only disadvantage of this park. Overall, we’ll give Carnival Park ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4/5 stars.

Our next stop was the Truck Park. They are open from 4pm-12mn. It is second to the largest among the three parks we visited. It is a closed-ceiling food hub with lots of food stalls on the sides. The beverages are also available in the center aisle stalls. It is quite hot inside due to few wall fans around, a little crowded when we’re there, and maybe because they used too many light bulbs. The spaces in between are full of tables and chairs to dine. It was noisy inside since it has music playing and some amusement machines and basketball arcade games being used at the same time. I can’t just imagine how it would be with bands playing along? We also noticed that they do not have an entrance fee BUT in order for you to be able to order from the food stalls, you need to buy a “card” that costs 50Php where you need to load the card with certain amount you’ll need to purchase your food — simply like an MRT/LRT Beep Card. Probably, it is for food safety — so that the staffs who will serve your food will not hold cash while preparing your order? And/Or, well, the card also ensures that you will come back and that is instantly a market. The best thing we’ve noticed in Truck Park is their restrooms. It is hotel-like in terms of interior so we’ll score it with 8/10. It has plenty of rooms outside for parking as well. Overall, we’ll give Truck Park ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3/5 stars.

The last stop we had was at the Crave Park. Among the three parks, we like this one very much. It is a two-level food hub with a closed-ceiling. They’re open from 4pm-12:30mn. Though there were lots of people when we dined, we didn’t feel hot inside because there are plenty of wall fans and ceiling fans around. All are functioning by the way. The food stalls are also located on the sides while the beverages are available only on the center aisle stalls, first level. Their restrooms are all usable with some graffiti on the outside wall – a 7/10 score for that. It also has a large space outside for parking. The ambiance is also great, with soothing music playing and graffiti wall arts around. They also have acoustic bands playing in some nights. We tried the chicken wings of KM 128 Wings Joint, Nachos from THB, and Irish Cream and Macadamia from Nitro7 Coffee & Tea. All tasted really well and delicious. Overall, we’ll give Crave Park ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 star.

With regard to budget, you must have at least 500-1000Php per head to fully enjoy the meals offered in each food park. If you plan to visit, do not wear an all-black attire since most of the crews are in all-black uniform. Better prevent yourself from feeling offended. Enjoy! 😊

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To My Ex-Best Friend and The Skeleton in His Closet

It’s over.

They say that when a friendship lasts for seven years, it would last a lifetime. We were best of friends for almost nine years. Yes, nine years. You threw them away because all those years were LIES.

When I try to recall everything we’ve been through, I can’t stop myself from crying. Knowing how I loved you dearly like a brother hurts me more than you think.

In every event of my life, you were there. You were welcomed by my family – treated as a son by my mom, brothers by my siblings, uncle by my nieces and a godfather to my nephew – as I was welcomed by yours. I called your mom “Mama” and respect every member of your family the way they should be respected. I am even a godmother of one of your nieces. We can sleepover at each other’s house whenever we want to. We borrowed each other’s shirt if needed. Our love for ‘isaw‘ and Ginebra is the same. When you had an accident, I was the first person your mom called and asked for help. I was there to take good care of you and to make you laugh. When you lost your confidence because of that accident, I was there to cheer you up. You’re the buddy I am fond talking with until 3AM, sitting in a bench outside while listening to 96.3FM. With all the struggles I had in life, you’re the first person I talk to. When I was heartbroken, you were my shoulder to cry. So am I when you were pissed with your mom because of her suitor, your older brother because you thought he’s a parasite taking advantage of the good gays on earth, or sister because of her decisions in life, or even with your brother-in-law for hurting your sister. When I was lonely, you played your guitar and sang a song over the phone, just to make me smile. When you needed advice whether about work, love, life, you ask for my opinion. Most of the time you followed what I told you. We were Jan Di and Jun Pyo, Bonnie and Clyde, a supposedly forever duo – never as lovers but always partners in crime.

Our years together weren’t perfect. There were times we had petty quarrels and arguments, but we compromised and reconciled. The only thing that keeps us apart is your gender preference which I personally don’t know as I didn’t bother confirming at first although I had a hunch.

You are handsome, intelligent, hardworking, family-oriented, and talented. I knew you fell in love once when you were in high school. It was a serious puppy love that ended after three years. You told me the reason behind the breakup was poverty and as a man it hit your ego, so your plan was to finish college, find a job, buy a house, save, and look for Ms. Right, which was when I admire you more because I thought you have a goal.

Three years after graduating and being employed, knowing you already saved a lot and that your lifestyle already upgraded, I was again asking you why aren’t you still into relationships? You said it’s not yet in your priorities. I even teased you being gay/bisexual and assured you that if you’re one, I’ll be the first to accept and understand but you got mad. You told me that since I’m your best friend, I should be the first to know that you’re not. I said sorry and held onto what you said. I didn’t dare ask about it again.

When I tried matching you with my girlfriends, and they said you’re not into girls, I defended you in your absence, bearing in mind the argument we had and what you’ve said. I have lots of friends who are gay and whenever I tease them that I have a handsome friend, show them your Facebook profile, each one of them tells me you belong to their community. Again, I defended you in your absence – trusting every word you told me when we fought about your preference long time ago.

Recently, with the help of social media, all the years we’ve been together come crushing down. You were always spotted with another person I know and once respected. You seem happy with your new company – only that he is known as an “it”, and you know what I mean. I still gave you the benefit of the doubt by asking you directly why were you together in a certain town despite the distance and you told me it was a coincidence that both of you were there at the same time. Only you forgot to mention that there are things you both have that are COINCIDENTALLY the same. Is the term “couple thingy” accepted nowadays? I tried to let go of the clues since you mentioned it was just a coincidence but as a cliché goes, once is enough, twice is too much, thrice is dangerous – and more than that is deadly. After that confrontation, all your other friends in the virtual world know that the instances of “coincidence” happened not just once nor twice, which made most of our mutual closest friends asked if you’re starting to “come out”. I was about to defend you again but your succeeding actions hurt me and made me mad – and believe me, it wasn’t a good combination.

Few years back I told you that if your preference is different from your gender, I will be the first one to accept and understand. There is nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual as long as you’re proud and you do no wrong to anybody. God sees the truth but waits. Whether you tell the truth or come up with another lie, I already know. You are a bisexual. I defended you for years. We only do things because either we want it or we need it. Recently, with all the things you showed the world, whether it is because of your needs or your wants – it all boils down to YOU LIED.

You lied to your family. You lied to your deceased father. You lied to me. You lied to God. Worst, you lied to yourself. And it made me question the existence of our friendship. Did you befriend me because I was something you want in your life or because I was something you need – to be used as a front to the rest of the people who will doubt your gender preference? With those questions, I became madder and felt more hurt.

As I am writing this, I am still hurting and I don’t know until when. I may forgive you soon but I will never forget. They say admitting something is within a person’s decisions and rights. It is actually true. So, whether you admit it or not, it’s always your choice. So, whether more people will accept you by just simply coming out and showing the real you or more people will hate you coz’ of your pretentious little acts, it is and will always be your choice.

As you once posted, “There are things not meant to be explained but meant to be understood.”, remember that every thing that is not confirmed and is forced to be understood is always a theory – just an idea. In order for it to become a reality, it needs ACCEPTANCE. Whatever you’re going through right now, since you’re old enough to call it “identity crisis” or “in-denial phase”, I don’t care anymore. I have done my part, even went the extra mile, and all I got in return were lies, lies, and more lies.

By the time you have truly accepted yourself, I could probably have moved on from this hatred. I have given you so much that you doing what you do now consumed me a lot that the respect I have given you fluctuated to none. I just hope you find peace and true happiness with what you do. I am praying that you will learn your lesson because I just did. I learned that it is okay to walk out of someone else’s life no matter how you value them, particularly when they don’t reciprocate the effort and the love I have given them, and it is not because I’m selfish but it is because I know my worth and SELF-RESPECT is more important than FRIENDSHIT.

Don’t blame me for being mad because you turned me into this. And don’t try to pacify me by adding another pretend to your long list. Everybody already knows the real you. The pitiful part is that you’re the only one left not knowing yourself – and not because you don’t know but because you don’t want to accept it. Pride. Nine years of lies and you lost a funny sister, a great partner, a loving soulmate, and a true friend.#

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To The Woman Subconsciously Flirting with My Boyfriend 

I am writing this in order for you to LISTEN to me and to all the women out there who share the same sentiments. 

I know you’re friends with my boyfriend even before I met him. I know you’ve been college seat-mates and buddies. I know you’ve shared moments together. I also know at one point, you had that “chemistry” and flirted with one another, although it didn’t succeed.

I can’t blame my man for liking you. You are pretty, intelligent, talented, family-oriented, and religious. You are quite an ideal girl every man could wish for. When I came into the picture, your communication lessened. The time of hanging out with your usual group decreased. It came to a point where you forgot about each other and forgot to check on each other as well.

On the other hand, I know at some point, you liked him. His unique sense of humor, his wit, his artistry, his confidence, his open mindedness, and his modern chivalry definitely turned you head over heels. Nothing is wrong with that. Those are the same characteristics why I fell for him and why we’re together until now.

It took me years to build memories with him; to be entrusted with his trust; to be his safe haven and comfort zone; to be his home. From one place to another. From one event to another. From one decision to another. From one smile to thousands of laughters. It wasn’t easy but I know it will be worth it.

We were really enjoying our journey when you came back. He honestly told me it was just some ‘Hi and Hello’, which for me was totally fine since you’re friends after all. But knowing you’re heartbroken when you called him and took you several consecutive calls made the entire confession awkward. Don’t get me wrong, I am not threatened by your sudden return, I just don’t find it fitting that a fine woman like you doesn’t understand some parts of the word ‘committed‘.

I haven’t met you personally but I know you. And just so you know, I am the jealous type. I also have zero tolerance for cheating, flinging, or flirting. I truly understand that you needed someone to talk to when you’re trying to fix all the broken pieces of you and you find my boyfriend a qualified counselor to do that, but try to understand my side and put on my shoes. After seeing series of phone calls you had for an entire week – coincidentally when I wasn’t around – made me wondered what did I miss?

Our relationship is founded on mutual love and trust. I know that you honestly know that what you’re doing can ignite a dead flame of feelings you had for each other. You are becoming a temptation after deleted chats, calls logs, messages, or even after a fight. You’re showing him a hint that you too can be his shoulder to cry if he doesn’t have anybody to talk to, particularly if I am becoming the problem – since you just ran to him and cried about yours. And we both know whether you did it intentionally or not, it is something a “girlfriend” could not handle lightly – given the fact that you had a past.

I don’t know what kind of heartache you’ve been through for you to find my man fitting to be your confidant but it wasn’t cool, you know. You have so many options to choose from in your long list of friends (specifically, girlfriends) since you and my boyfriend haven’t talked nor seen each other for three years – and that possibly placed him at the bottom part of your list – yet you still chose him. I can’t argue with that anymore since it’s done.

Love keeps no record of wrongs as the Bible says. This is the first time it happened and I am letting it go. I am still holding on to a little chance that you are not the opposite of the persona you portray. So once and for all I am asking you to STOP and never repeat what you just did. Again, you are becoming a temptation and he is human – and a single mistake because of that can destroy everything. If at some point, deep inside you, you still have feelings for him, help yourself move on. Never lose hope because a woman like you deserves to be loved by someone faithfully. However, that someone is not him and I will make sure it will never be him.


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10 Wonderful Things About Japan

Aside from having one of the fastest internet services in the world, there are more to love in the land of the rising sun. Yes, Japan! I’ve had the chance to visit that #1 travel destination in the world. I have stayed there for 90 days. Within that period, I have appreciated the Top 10 Wonderful Things I have noticed in general in the place where you’ll taste the most delicious sushi and ramen:

1. Discipline – Although Japan already opens its doors to immigrants from different countries, you will notice the implementation of rules to everyone – no matter where you’re from. The very first I have noticed is the distinction between left and right. When you step on an escalator and you’ve decided to stand and let the escalator bring you atop then you must stand on the left side and you need to make sure you don’t block the right side as that part is given to those who are in a hurry and would like to walk or run. Even when riding a bus or a train, they know where they should be. Places and seats provided for the old, sick, pregnant, disabled, and with kids, will never be occupied by others not part of the category unless the train is really full. If the train looks full, they have the initiative to wait for the next one. They don’t push others to get in or hurry to avoid accidents. Same thing you will notice in restrooms, bus or taxi stops, cashiers, banks, and anywhere that the word “wait” is being practiced, you will see them quietly lined up and patiently waiting for their turn.

2. Honesty/Integrity – I just don’t know with other nationalities living in Japan because I have heard different stories of dishonesty and lost of valuables caused by other nationals, but for most part of Japan, you will never feel bothered whenever you forgot or lost something somewhere, as Japan’s honesty will lead its way back to you. Another thing is that the words “keep the change” or “tip” are not welcome. As an example, in the Philippines, whenever we ride a cab or order for delivery, if the cab driver or the delivery guy don’t have change for our payment, we sometimes tell them to keep the change or even hand them some tip. In Japan, they don’t tolerate that. Service providers always have change with them ready for whatever amount they’ll receive. They will give it back to you up to the littlest centavos – no more no less.

3. Silence As You Travel – Another distinctive behavior you will notice when you ride a train is their respect for each individual riding on the train. They don’t make noise to give way to people who would like to sleep or read while they travel. They don’t use their mobile phones for chatting aloud unless for emergency purposes. Couples don’t do PDA. People who are asleep are not being mocked or photographed. They mind their own businesses. The same behavior is noticeable when you travel via Toyo bus or cab. They save energy as they go on with their journeys.

4. Professionalism – I have been to malls, postal offices, banks, amusement parks, restaurants, hospitals, business establishments, etc. and when you go inside during office/business hours, you will not see employees chatting. When I say chatting, I meant talking about personal matters. All of them are very professional. They do their work religiously without any disturbances and during breaks, they eat and rest silently. Good thing is that some of the Filipinos I’ve met already adapted that kind of behavior and according to them, it indeed feels good.

5. Value for Skilled Workers – One comparison I’ve made between the employment in the Philippines and in Japan is the value they give to employees when it comes to compensation depending on their field of work. In the Philippines, if you are working in an office (may it be government or private), you are earning either minimum or above minimum wage, and if you are in the skilled areas (e.g. factory workers, machine operators, auto mechanic, service crew and the like) sometimes they earn below minimum wage or their salaries are being cut by agencies. In Japan, skilled-workers are paid higher than those who are working in the offices doing paperworks. They really do value the skills of each of their employees especially the manpower or workforce – without considering their educational attainment/achievements – which make everybody in equal status when it comes to “career”.

6. Food – Aside from being the land of sushi and ramen, Japan is also known for its healthy and organic eating lifestyles. They do not depend on preservatives nor any other chemicals/ingredients that may harm their people. It is mainly the reason why there are fast food chains that you will never see in Japan. Culturally, they also put arts into their food the reason why most of what they offer are deliciously different. In relation to food, there are also a lot of vendo machines of beverages and obento and 24 hours convenient stores in Japan so when you feel hungry while strolling, you just need to look around you and be amazed by the many options to choose from.

7. Cleanliness – Have you ever heard of the news where there has been flood in Japan and the flooded area looked like a giant swimming pool? It is actually true. No polluted air, no unsafe water. You can drink the tap water and still be safe. One time, our bathtub wasn’t completely draining water and we found out that the pipeline is clogged because of a ball of hair strands but when we were cleaning the drainage, the water overflowing was still crystal clear and it didn’t smell awful. Another act of cleanliness in Japan is their well-implemented “Clean As You Go” rule. Whenever you dine in a restaurant, you will clean your own mess. You’re the one to throw your trashes away and return the used eating utensils to the counter where you’ve received your food when you ordered them. 

8. No Traffic – All of their stoplights are synchronized with one another. When one stops, the rest on that lane stops too. The same goes for the other lane of the road. They also know how to give way. People do not cross the street wherever they want to. Vehicular accidents are very rare. Do you want to know why? In Japan, you need to spend 30,000¥ (13,500Php) for driving lesson which will run for 1-2 months depending on your free time afterwards, you need to pass series of tests before getting a driver’s license. As we all know, Japan don’t tolerate ‘fixers’, so when you need something, you need to work your butt off to get it yourself. 

9. Time is Gold – For most people in Japan, they strictly believe and act upon the motto ‘Time is gold.’ You’ll see a lot of people traveling even before the sun rises so they will not be late. In Yachiyodaikita, where I’ve stayed, at five in the afternoon, you’ll hear an announcement from the mall telling the people that it’s already 5o’clock and time is up for working. It is also the notification for parents to fetch their kids from school. You’ll notice the value of people for time almost everywhere. One concrete example was when my sister and her husband needed to file and get some important documents for their newborn. It only took them few hours to get what they needed. Pertinent documents have no wait time in Japan. If you have necessary requirements with you, you will get anything you need in a snap. 

10. 24hrs Amusement Centers – Just like in the Philippines, there are people who work in different shifts so in order for those working at night and only have time in the morning for leisure and recreation, they have 24 hours amusement centers for bowling, billiards, karaoke, arcade, and many more. Removing stress and relaxing are very important to them. Most of them believe that the less stress they feel, the more productive they become at work. The more productive the people, the better it is for the companies. The betterment of companies reflects the country’s economy. You’ll definitely see the ripple effect of positivity.

Personally, if given the chance, I will surely go back to Japan. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this and when you come and visit Japan, you’ll notice these 10 Wonderful Things I’ve listed. By the way, just for a fun fact/trivia, it is alright to FART in Japan but to BURP is a no no. 😊

Have you ever been to Japan? What’s the most wonderful thing about it? Share it by commenting below. 😘

For those who read this, domo arigatou gozaimasu! 😊

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To The Best Partner I Never Had

Why can’t it be the two of us? Why can’t we be lovers, only friends?

Our story started in an ordinary way. We’ve met when we were younger and our personalities clicked. We’ve surpassed so many years together. Although a lot of people were betting that we would end up as a couple one day, it never really happened.

We’ve known each other for so long that farting around is just a casual thing to do. I was there to witness every basketball games you played and I even became your epic fan and your noisiest cheerleader. You were there in every competition I battled. I saw in your eyes how you admire me when I danced. And when our favorite music plays – we sing along.

My family knows everything about you and so do yours about me. We can actually write each other’s journal of secrets, and ups and downs without missing any part. I was there when you’re pissed with your brother or when you’re scolded by your mom, and you were there for me when I was heartbroken and drunk. You always brought me home safe and sound.

I was there when you were sick and you were there whenever I feel lost. You ask for my opinion whether to buy a pants or a shirt, and I ask yours about the next person I am planning to flirt. We can sleep beside each other without malice and lust. You know the foods I don’t like and I still remember the time we ate on a single plate. We share the same taste of everything; from basketball teams, movies, songs, street foods, hobbies, sports, dreams and goals in life, up to the feelings we have for one another. But still, those weren’t enough.

You’ve been single for so many years telling me you’re waiting for the right one. I was single for so many years telling you I’m readying myself to be the right one. It didn’t occur to us that we’re both waiting our whole lives. We know that we love one another and that we cared so much, but we’re both thinking not to destroy the friendship we built so nobody dared to ask. 

What do you think we could have become? Could US be happier than YOU and ME? How long do you think are we going to last? Will you still be the same person I befriended when I was younger? Will you be able to proudly tell the world you love me? Can I honestly admit that I love you too?

So many what ifs but the answers will forever be kept. I can only imagine how we could have been. I can foresee how happy are we when we celebrate our anniversaries by just sitting in the park with my home-cooked meals and you strumming your old guitar. I can see how happy are we as walk home under the sky full of stars with my head leaning on your shoulder and you’re holding my hand. I can see how happy are we when we give each other a surprise since we already know what we both want and like. I can see how truly happy we can be, but we both know it will never happen in reality.

You told me that I am the best partner you never had. I forgot to tell you that I also considered you as the best one.

Now, we’re both happy with our own separate lives. We seldom see each other and these days we rarely talk. Despite those, I wish you well. I am glad to know that you’re family is doing fine; that you are finding the good in your job; and that you are currently in-love. And your lucky partner should know how hard I once prayed to take that spot though I honestly missed the chances I got.

Wherever you may be, you know how to find me whenever you need to. I will forever be your friend and you will always have a space in my heart. Whatever decisions you make – may I be part of it or not – if it makes you happy, know that I will never disagree. We will always be Hancock and Mary. I will always check on you once in a while because I know you too will. We were meant to meet and know each other well, but we can never be together. We will live this extraordinary lives normally even if it meant – separately.

I miss you and I will see you soon. And I promise to find you again in another lifetime.

*pinky swear with a fist bump*

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Sun and Moon

One day, the Sun and the Moon met each other and became good friends. Few months after they fell deeply in love with one another. They love each other so much that even though they are totally opposite – well, opposite attracts. They love each other so much that one will die to let the other one breathe. As they became older, dreams and responsibilities became bigger and tougher. In order for them to make ends meet, they needed to live in two different worlds. The Sun works during the day and the Moon needs to work at night. They continue to do whatever they need to do without untangling the only string that connects them – LOVE. However, there are times when they need each other very much and they can’t do anything but talk about it. One evening, because of too much work, the Moon got sick and needed to rest. The Sun got worried and started to feel fear in its heart. Heavy darkness clouded the Sun. It fears losing its only Moon. Words of comfort and prayers were the only thing it can give. No matter how hard it tries to be there and take good care of the Moon, the Sun just can’t – for now. Then, it started to rain.

The End.

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Pieces of Advice about L♥VE

Compilation of Advice by Joe D’Mango #LoveNotes

1. Always remember that when we lose someone we love, there will be pain in our hearts. But when there is pain, there will be strength and courage, and with that, there will always be the hope of finding someone who will love us and someone we can love even more.

2. Sometimes we just have to control our feelings for someone. Truth is, our feelings doesn’t know what’s right or wrong. That’s why our minds reason with us so there can be balance. Otherwise, we would always trip as we aimlessly follow what our hearts dictate.

3. A relationship will always need trust and faith. Trust, so you could keep a relationship strong, and faith, so you can build a strong foundation of love that could weather all storms to make it last for as long as you wish to.

4. A relationship is a two way street. It’s never all your fault, nor is it all the fault of your partner. Both of you have to work together to make it work. And, remember, the best relationship is one in which your LOVE exceeds your NEEDS for reach other.

5. Letting go of someone you love is hard, but holding on to someone who doesn’t even feel the same is much harder. Remember that giving up doesn’t mean you are weak. It only means that you are strong enough to let go of something that was never really yours in the first place.

6. Live not on what your heart dictates but on what is right and sensible. There is still time to turn away from what is wrong. Remember, the true joy of living is not only in loving ourselves but in loving without hurting other people.

7. Even with all the pain that comes with loving, we should never let our hearts wallow in anger. When love comes into our lives, be thankful. But when it leaves us, even if it’s against our will, we should only be sorry or a while. There should be no room for our hatred to grow in our hearts.

8. As it has always been said, we should embrace love when it comes knocking on our doors and willingly let go of it when it says goodbye. We shouldn’t regret that we’ve lost it. Be thankful that for once in our lives it has dwelled in our hearts and made us happy.

9. If we pass on love today, there may never be a next day to show it and even if there’s still a next day, there may never be someone to show it to. Love is never afraid. It should not hold you from showing someone how you feel. If it does, then it is not love.

10. Loving someone with all our hearts isn’t all that it takes to make a relationship last. Sometimes, even if we prove our worth in many ways, seen and unseen, we still cannot guarantee of permanence and loyalty in our relationships.

11. Sometimes, loving someone means giving him/her the freedom to choose who and where he/she wants to be. This may be painful, but still be thankful, because the heartaches, the tears, the gloomy days and even the fruitless years helped you grow into a strong and wonderful person, not a bitter one.

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May mga pagkakataon na dumarating sa buhay natin na hindi natin nauunawan ang mga bagay na nangyayare sa ating paligid. Pero hindi tayo dapat naka-depende sa mga bagay na yun.

May mga panahon na pinipilit natin sa sarili na tama tayo, kasi sarado ang isip natin na tumingin sa iba pang direksyon, sa iba pang opinyon. May mga panahon na nagpapabuyo tayo sa idinidikta nang ibang tao para sa’tin, mga taong hindi natin sinisiguro kung positibo o negatibo ba ang naidudulot sa ating mga pagkatao. May mga panahon na nakararamdam tayo na wala na tayong kakampi, walang nakauunawa sa’tin, o walang may gustong makinig, pero hindi natin alam na tayo ang may ayaw na may karamay, tayo ang ayaw umunawa, at tayo ang may ayaw mag-salita upang marinig ng iba. May mga panahon na naloloko tayo ng mga bagay-bagay pero hindi natin alam na tayo mismo ang nag-uudyok sa sarili natin para maloko. May mga panahon na pakiramdam natin eh nakalubog tayo sa mga problema at kalungkutan, na hindi natin naiisip na maraming paraan para tayo ngumiti o tumawa man lang, bagkus, tayo mismo ang nag-lulubog sa sarili natin sa mga bagay na inaakala nating gawa ng mga taong nakapaligid sa’tin.

Hindi lahat ng bata nauunawaan ang lahat ng problema sa mundo, pero mas marami sa mga bata ang kayang umunawa sa pag-kakaiba ng tama at mali. Marami sa kanilang mabilis mapatawa dahil sa mga mababaw na kadahilanan. Lahat tayo dumaan sa pagkabata, at kahit anong bago nang panahon sa numero ng edad natin, may puwang sa ating mga puso na mananatiling bata. Hindi dapat natin inaalis yun sa takbo ng buhay ng tinatahak natin.

Bato-bato sa langit, pero minsan, kailangan nating maunawaan na hindi lahat ng mga bagay na negatibo na nangyayare sa paligid natin ay pumapatukoy sa ating mga sarili, gayun din naman sa mga positibong nakapaikot sa’tin. Lahat ng bagay sa mundong ito ay may dahilan. Lahat may kapareha –  kung may tama, may mali; kung may kanan, may kaliwa; kung may mabait, may masama; kung may panget, may maganda; kung may langit, may lupa; kung may tayo, may sila; at higit sa lahat, kung may ikaw, may ako. –  mag-kapareha man sa pagkakaintindi naten, magkaiba ang galaw nang mga ito, magkaiba ang ginagalawan nila, at magkaiba ang misyon nila sa mundo.

Lagi sana nating tandaan na hindi sa lahat ng panahon kailangan nating pilitin ang ibang taong unawain ang nais nating ipaunawa sa kanila. Lahat tayo’y may kakayahan matuto at makaunawa, hindi nga lang sa iisang pagkakataon o sa iisang paraan. May iba na aabutin ng segundo at makauunawa na, may iba na minuto, may iba na oras, araw, linggo, buwan, at taon. At may mga taong kahit kailan, hindi na kakayaning maka-unawa.

Sa ganoong pagkakataon, tayong mga nakauunawa ba ang kailangan mag-paraya para sa kanila? Minsan OO, minsan HINDI. (at lahat ng nakauunawa sa sinagaot ko ang siyang tanging maka-aalam ng sagot sa kasunod na tanong na BAKIT?).

Sa dulo, ang mga taong nagpatalo, nagpabuyo, nanahimik, nagpasulsol, nagpaloko, nagpabastos, at nagpabaon sa lalim na walang sinuman ang maka-aahon pa, ang siyang lalabas na talunan.

Isa lang ang mensahe ng artikulong ito: “Minsan, ang pag-asam na mag-paraya lahat ng mga tao sa paligid mo para sa’yo, ay nagiging dahilan para mapag-iwanan ka. Magigising ka na lang na lahat sila nakapag-paraya na, at IKAW na lang ang hindi pa.”#

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